Opti-2, the laptop riser

Why use a laptop riser?

It allows you to raise the screen to the ideal height .

According to INRS (the French National Institute for Research and Security), the use of a laptop riser is recommended. As well as the use of a keyboard and a mouse peripherally connected to the laptop.

Why use Opti-2?

Not just a laptop riser, it has a real plus: a document holder function.

This allows you to place your screen at the optimal height, but also to place your documents between the monitor and the keyboard in order to facilitate browsing and note-taking.

Disadvantages of a workstation WITHOUT Opti-2?

Keyboard and documents misplaced:

  • forearm extension
  • trapezius tension
  • back bending forward / lifted off the backrest
  • closed hips
  • hyperflexion and rotation of the cervical spine
  • heavy stress on neck, trapezius and back
  • significant postural imbalance

Benefits of a workstation WITH Opti-2?

The screen is placed at the correct height, the keyboard is positioned 10/15 cm from the edge of the desk and the documents are placed well in front of you between the monitor and the keyboard:

  • forearms close to the body and relaxed
  • relaxed trapezoids
  • straight back
  • well placed hips
  • reduced hyperflexion and no rotation
  • straight and balanced neck
  • optimal postural rebalancing

Opti-2 also has its own special carrying case!

With its assembly instructions printed directly on it, and perfect for easy transport (between home and the office for example).


L 420 x w 295 x h 100/150/200 (mm)

735 g

Recycled and recyclable cardboard

Anti-reflective, dirt-repellent and scratch-resistant

Customizable from 500 units

Opti-2 is also an ergonomic document holder ...

Thanks to its innovative design, the Opti-2 laptop riser also helps to place paper documents well in front of you when typing.

With Opti-2, you have a 2-in-1 product: a laptop riser and an ergonomic document holder!

... and a customizable communication tool!

Always under the eyes of the user, Opti-2 has a large printable surface.

It is an ideal surface to display your prevention messages or your communication campaigns.

You can entirely customize it at your convenience. You can use Opti-2 to display for example a calendar, your directory, your messages, protocols or even photos.
It is customizable from 500 copies and only on estimate.