Opti-Coach, the e-coaching module

opti-coach e-coaching module

How does Opti-Coach work?

Accessible directly with a login and password, Opti-coach guides each person directly through the ergonomic settings of their workstation for approximately 45 minutes. Fun and interactive, it allows you to:

  • Evaluate the situation of your working station
  • Have access to information and attend the compulsory training for VDU users
  • Identify the risks that may occur at your working station
  • Receive and apply personalized recommendations for adjusting your workstation
  • Be actively supported throughout the module
  • Check your knowledge by taking a Quiz
  • Own a complete individualized summary report on the ergonomic situation of your workstation
  • Send a collective and individual report of the results to the employer

Discover Opti-Coach with a video!

Why use the Opti-Coach e-coaching module?

This interface is dedicated to VDU users, in order to better adjust their workstation in a personalized way. Fun and dynamic, Opti-coach is an e-coaching module which can be adapted to all situations, by offering activities on healthcare and safety prevention at work. Being involved in the workstation adjustment commits anyone to be aware of the importance of observing the right gestures and good postures on a daily basis.

It is an effective tool to help employers preventing the risks associated with VDU use and meet their legal obligations . By effectively tackling the pain associated with poor workstation layout, it also contributes in reducing the economic costs linked to work interruptions and occupational diseases. This e-coaching is a great tool in order to promote healthcare at work.

Art R4542-16 created by Decree n ° 2008-244 of March 7, 2008 - art. (V)

Prevention of TMS

WITHOUT Opti-Coach ?

  • lack of knowledge among employees and employers about
    the posture
    the gesture
    the right equipment / workstation adjustment
    the risks associated with VDU use
  • the need for external help / advice to learn and analyze: this represents a cost
  • staff is less aware, so they couldn’t take part in the adjustment of their workstation, neglecting their own needs
  • for external contributors (nurses, occupational physicians, IPRP, ergonomists): assignments that imply a visit in person in the company with analysis and drafting of the report (which represents a cost and needs time)

WITH Opti-Coach ?

  • acquisition of general and personalized knowledge for the workstation layout, additional information about legal obligations and rules of postures and gestures that need to be adopted
  • cost reduction linked to the intervention of an external service provider
  • makes it possible to raise awareness among staff and employers for better routines related to screen work
  • empowers the staff
  • for external contributors : offers a fun and dynamic solution, which can be monitored remotely. Avoids travel for personalized workstation settings (reducing costs and saving time).

Report automatically written by the e-coaching module, with a collective and an individual summary, offering a scoring that allows to identify the staff who needs a rapid field intervention (allowing the company to be reactive)