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The ergonomic document holder

Opti-1 is an ergonomic, eco-friendly and affordable document holder, that’s why it’s accessible to everyone. Opti-1 is the only document holder made entirely of recycled cardboard, ensuring respect for the environment and the best price in the ergonomics field. Tested and recommended by healthcare professionals, Opti-1 is one of the essential ergonomic solutions for VDU workers, in order to prevent musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs) and improve posture.

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Opti-1 Premium

The ergonomic document holder in a premium version

Opti-1 Premium, the same advantages as Opti-1, ergonomic, eco-friendly and affordable document holder, with a plus:

  • height adjustable
  • even more robust
  • delivered with integrated assembly instructions
  • more aesthetic with a rounded design
  • more compact

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Opti-1 Premium, one of our ergonomic solutions
Opti-2, one of our ergonomic solutions


The laptop riser

Opti-2 is an ergonomic, eco-friendly and affordable laptop riser. In addition, Opti-2 is made of highly resistant cardboard and effectively prevents musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs) .

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The online e-coaching module

Opti-Coach is an online interactive training course about the risks associated with VDU work . The first step is raising awareness: the employee becomes aware of the risks and receives all the information relating to working on a computer, the module accompanies the attendee step by step in the ergonomic adjustment of the workstation.

Opti-Coach tests the newly acquired knowledge of the user with a quiz. This generates a personalized report, detailing the adjustments carried out during the training as well as personalized recommendations.

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Opti-coach, one of our ergonomic solutions





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