How does Opti-1 particularly contribute to risk prevention and / or to the improvement of working conditions?

Placed between the keyboard and the screen, it allows paper documents to be positioned ergonomically in relation to the user, when typing on a computer. This correct positioning keeps the back and head straight when performing the activity, which improves comfort at work and aims to prevent MSDs (without support, documents are often placed on the left / right / or in front of the keyboard, causing rotations / flexions of the neck and back).

Opti-1 can be brought closer to the user by passing over the keyboard, to facilitate document annotation, always keeping the neck and head in the axis, without rotation.

Opti-1 facilitates the organization of the workstation and keeps the keyboard a good distance from the edge of the desk, freezing good ergonomics of the station (without support, the keyboard is often pushed back on the worktop more than 30 cm, l user bending over while typing).

Its very affordable selling price allows collective equipment for primary prevention of MSDs. While the current expensive models only fit a few stations, correcting individual situations (most often those of people with disabilities, for which a disability budget is available).