Opti-1: Why such a success with screen workers?

Opti-1, an efficient, affordable and eco-responsible ergonomic document holder.

Very affordable selling price Opti-1, allows collective equipment for primary prevention of MSDs and not no longer just corrective equipment on a case-by-case basis.Opti-1 is manufactured at from recycled and recyclable cardboard which makes it a product eco-responsible and very economical. Opti-1 is intended to equip the largest number. It makes more and more screen work an essential acclaimed, finally affordable equipment.Its innovative design based on a clever folding gives it great strength. Lightweight, Opti-1 is delivered flat and assembles in less than a minute.

Placed between the keyboard and the screen, Opti-1 allows documents to be positioned ergonomically when capture.
Opti-1 can effectively prevent MSDs (musculoskeletal disorders) and improves working comfort. He will quickly become your new friend at job.