Ergonomic document holder: what is it?

Device to be placed between the computer screen and the keyboard, the ergonomic document holder represents an alternative solution to avoid bad postures when it is necessary to consult or recopy a paper document on a computer. Discover the advantages and effects that the use of an ergonomic document holder can bring you in your professional activity.

What is an ergonomic document holder or holder?

A ergonomic document holder - also called ergonomic document holder - is a device that allows you to place a paper document between your keyboard and your working screen to make it easier to read.

In our society, many of us work all day in front of a computer. Certain professions, such as administrative professions, for example, still use paper media a lot as a work tool. Entering these documents on a computer is often laborious and uncomfortable, and can in the long run lead to the appearance of tension and pain .

The use of a ergonomic document holder represents a very easy-to-use solution to benefit from more comfort on a daily basis.

What are the advantages ?

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Prevention of MSDs

More and more frequent in the workplace, MSDs (musculoskeletal disorders) represent the most common occupational diseases today.

Professional activity often involves the repetition of certain movements, which can over time weaken your body, create tension in the joints, muscles and tendons, and maintain them over time. This is particularly the case when you stay too long in front of a computer, adopting a bad working posture. From TMS the most frequent, we can cite carpal tunnel syndrome, tendonitis or neck pain.

At first, these disorders may manifest as discomfort or tension, which then develop into chronic pain if adjustments are not made to reduce or eliminate them. On a daily basis, MSDs can cause many inconveniences: discomfort, decreased motivation, stress ... which deteriorate the quality of life at work and the general well-being of the employee.

By making it easier to take notes on a computer, the ergonomic document holder limits the strain you may feel in your neck and back when the paper support is placed on either side of the workstation. It also eliminates the discomfort felt in the arms and shoulders, when you have to move your computer keyboard away to be able to enter data while viewing the document.

Prevention of back pain and improvement of working posture

Like MSDs, back pain are more and more frequent in the professional environment. According to one investigation carried out in 2015 on more than 1000 French employees, 76% of respondents reported experiencing back pain in the past 12 months. 28% claim to feel it repeatedly!

Among the most common back pain experienced are low back pain and the neck pain . According to this same study, the appearance of back pain at work can be explained by 3 main factors: bad work posture, stress, and the repetition of bad gestures. These pains affect on the one hand the professional life of the employee, but also his personal life, and can be expensive for the company.

The use of a ergonomic document holder allows to act on the repetition of the gestures that cause the appearance of back pain and neck tension. Indeed, when you consult a paper document placed to the right or to the left of your workstation, your spine curves.

You also certainly have a tendency to lean over to read the document well, which causes discomfort. By being placed right in front of you, the ergonomic document holder keeps your spine straight, thus avoiding tension.

The working posture will thus be much more comfortable and ergonomic, while respecting the natural anatomy of the human body.

Consulting a paper medium on a suitable and ergonomic device will also limit the eye strain , and the headaches that may be associated with it.

The ergonomic document holder to improve the quality of life at work

By reducing the tensions caused by poor working posture, the ergonomic document holder improves the quality of life and well-being at work.

On a daily basis, the position becomes more comfortable, no longer causes tension in the body and allows reduce stress .

By improving posture, tasks are performed in a more productive and faster , which makes it possible to increase the pace of work and reduce the drudgery of often repetitive administrative tasks.

Compliance with INRS recommendations concerning screen work

INRS recently published an article concerning the prevention of risks engendered by screen work . It deals with the layout of the workstation, the work plan with eye-screen distances in particular, the choice of equipment, the display or even the location of the workstation. The INRS also addresses the entry or consultation of paper documents, indicating that they must be placed at a height and depth "which minimizes fatigue of the neck and eyes". INRS therefore recommends the use of a ergonomic document holder like the Opti-1 in order to guarantee optimal comfort for the user.

An innovative corporate communication tool

The work surface offered by the ergonomic document holder can become a real communication tool for the company that uses it.

Completely customizable, it can be dressed in many different ways: with a calendar, specific work protocols, photos ... communication medium original and innovative, with a high exposure rate since it can be used on a daily basis in certain professions.

The Opti-1 document holder

To be placed between your screen and your computer keyboard, the Opti-1 document holder was specifically designed and developed to improve computer document entry.

Made of corrugated cardboard light and resistant, this device economical and eco-responsible assembles in less than a minute, and is fully customizable with your company colors.

Versatile, it adapts to all types of professions, and will be particularly recommended when consulting and entering paper documents become essential on a daily basis.

Used in the professional setting, it helps prevent the risk of MSDs, limit tension and back and neck pain, and improve the level of well-being.

Simple and efficient, the ergonomic document holder Opti-1 also has a very long lifespan thanks to its resistant and durable cardboard texture, labeled FSC.

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