FFMAS National Congress: Optimeo was there!

Optimeo Prevention was present at the congress of the FFMAS as a partner, November 29 and 30, 2019. But what the FFMAS ? What is his goal ? Who does it affect? And why, have we chosen to participate in its annual congress?

What is the FFMAS congress?

FFMAS exhibition November 2019

The FFMAS congress what's this ? It is simply the official representation of the secretariat-assistantship professions ! The FFMAS (French Federation of Assistantship and Secretariat Professions) is a major event for Assistants and Secretaries coming from France, but also from countries like Ivory Coast, Senegal, Belgium ... etc. During this show, Stanislas Daubigny , the founder of Optimeo Prevention , was able in particular to discuss with Secretaries , Management Assistants, Assistants administrative ( working on screen). We showed them Opti-1, our ergonomic document holder!

The FFMAS congress is also an opportunity to meet form , of meet his peers and to exchange on current events and the future of the profession.

Trade fair conferences

The FFMAS congress took place in a relaxed atmosphere but also studious , with conferences as fascinating as they are instructive on various themes such as:

Optimeo Prevention would like to emphasize the quality of organization of this congress and the strong commitment of a whole team. A great human investment useful for the influence of these key professions.

Optimeo Prévention at the FFMAS exhibition

Optimeo at the FFMAS trade fair

The congress of the FFMAS was a matter of course for us and the opportunity to make beautiful meetings with the members of the office, whose Sophie NEW , National President of the FFMAS and Patrick CAMPAGNAC , South West innovation pilot, Secretariat business pilot within the company RTE .

Why Optimeo Prévention participated?

Why did we participate at this congress? Quite simply because the values and objectives ofOptimeo Prevention and FFMAS fair are similar: improve comfort and efficiency at work for employees working on screens. The main theme of the congress was: “ Boost your added value e ". Optimeo Prevention therefore had the opportunity to exhibit Opti-1 to members of the federation from companies from all walks of life:


On this occasion, we organized a competition game. The winner won a prize of 25 Opti-1s. The winner was part of the company assistagestion.com .

Optimeo Preventica prize 2018

We wanted to thank all the participants for this show, which was a great success. We thank Eli Garcia , videographer at Sevana Movies , for his film made on Optimeo Prévention at this FFMAS 2019 congress.