Opti-1: behind the scenes

Opti-1 is the ergonomic document holder and environmentally friendly created by Stanislas DAUBIGNY , ergonomist and occupational psychologist for more than 13 years. If you work on a screen and experience neck pain, neck pain, or back pain (or all three), then Opti-1 is for you!

The beginnings of our document support

Optimeo IGR

Since 2017, the team of Optimeo Prevention has evolved a lot, and besides, our document support too! Indeed, for 2 years, we have been working to provide you with best experience possible, at work or at home. After a first innovation award won in 2018 at the Préventica exhibition in Bordeaux, the countdown was on! We had many satisfied customers, Opti-1 began to be known and recognized by health professionals, a website " showcase Counted its first Internet users. But in our development objective, we really wanted to take the digital niche!

A new year for Optimeo Prévention

Early 2019, we consulted an agency of Nancy communication and digital marketing , located in the premises of Workshop of the Pep ' in order to create an effective and original strategy. Our team decided to entrust this mission to the SW Agency to reveal Opti-1: a beautiful collaboration was born with Maxime, Marie, Cassandra, Gaëlle and Laurent.

L'Atelier de la Pep '- Nancy
Optimeo Preventica prize 2018

In July, we launched our site e-commerce in multilingual ( German, English and French ) where you can order your media in a few clicks , keep you informed of our news Or just Contact us . We imagined a new identity with the birth of our mascot , Opti-1, as well as a rather offbeat communication on social networks ( Facebook , Instagram and LinkedIn ). And we look forward to announcing new projects to you before the end of the year ...

Who says new design, says ... new presentation video!

To complement the work carried out by the SW Agency , we wanted to accentuate the presentation of our document support ... on video ! For this, we contacted Nordine , (from the company Nancy 360 ), also present at the Workshop of the Pep ' for the realization of our new commercial . The team of Nancy 360 also modeled our mascot, bringing it to life! This day of filming was memorable ...

Back to the shoot

The Optimeo Prévention team would also like to thank the actors: Elise , independent administrative assistant Acta Premium, daily using Opti-1 in her business, Miss Magalie Beck , in the role of the employee suffering from neck pain, the extras: Mickaël and Emilien . And finally, the director and videographer, David Squillace , manager of BCBB , collaborator of Nancy 360 .

Want to learn more about the birth of Opti-1 , The new essential for screen work? So, check out this article now.

See you soon, the Optimeo Prévention team.