Optimeo news for the start of the school year


At Optimeo, we are not idle. Since the release from confinement, the pace of work has picked up well.

We continue to equip our loyal customers, but also new customers who have found at Optimeo effective and economical answers to their everyday ergonomics problems.

We are actively preparing for the start of the school year in September, with all the resources working for Optimeo (ergonomist, design office, communication officers, beta testers, etc.).

-> 3 trade fairs in one month!

We look forward to seeing you at trade shows! Indeed, all the fairs of the 1st semester having been canceled, we have not been able to see you for a long time! We think that these meetings are very good means to discuss with you on Optimeo, but also on more global subjects such as MSDs or even QWL.

Fortunately, the trade fair season will resume at the start of the school year and our reunion is therefore fast approaching.

Thus, we give you an appointment with Stanislas:

  • From September 29 to October 1, at PrĂ©ventica Lyon fair . We have decided to enlarge the stand in order to better welcome you. We are going from 12 to 24 square meters!
  • From 20 to 22 October, at Preventica Lille lounge
  • From 3 to 5 November to CNMST , the National Congress of Medicine and Occupational Health in Strasbourg

Trade shows are a great opportunity to present Opti-1 and our different ergonomic solutions with the aim of always improve your working conditions.

And besides, this back-to-school season will definitely be under the sign of innovation, because we will unveil two new solutions!

-> New for the start of the school year

Remember ... Two years ago, Optimeo presented for the first time at the CNMST in Marseille, OPti-1, the first innovative ergonomic document holder. A first step for us! He had also made a very good impression since the same year Stanislas Daubigny, its founder, received the innovation prize at the Préventica Bordeaux trade fair.

It must be said that Opti-1 was expected by all occupational health professionals, preventionists, team leaders and of course employees. Indeed, Stanislas' numerous exchanges with his clients as an ergonomics specialist quickly showed him the need to improve comfort and working conditions for all people working on screens.

With Optimeo, we provide a simple, efficient, lightweight and above all 10 times cheaper solution than similar solutions. The purchase of collective prevention tools for MSDs was then again possible for people working on screens.

It is thanks to these numerous exchanges with his customers that Stanislas quickly realized that other solutions were still to be developed!

Thus, we will present to you at the start of the school year 2 new products:

These new solutions still have the same objective: to provide employees with the best possible ergonomics at work and without breaking the bank! Our desire is also to enhance the equipment already in place at workstations while taking into account environmental issues. Moreover, we mentioned the subject in our article on the use of cardboard for Opti-1 .

-> 2 other solutions in studies for the end of the year

The Quality of Life at Work being a vast subject, the solutions are even more so! We want to act quickly and efficiently to improve the working conditions of people working on screens.

We want to put the primary prevention of occupational risks back at the center of the actions of prevention specialists. Indeed, we no longer want the action of prevention specialists to be limited to individualized corrective actions, as is still too often the case. On the contrary, we want to help prevention specialists and employers to act for primary collective prevention. Optimeo also means making ergonomics at work for everyone!

In addition to the e-coaching module and the laptop booster, we are currently designing 2 new innovative ergonomic products to help you further improve the ergonomics of workstations.

What if we think together about simple, efficient, inexpensive and eco-responsible ergonomic solutions?

This is Optimeo's approach. But this is also the whole approach of ergonomists for 15 years.

While waiting for this eventful return to school, we wish you a great summer!