QWL week

The health crisis linked to the Coronavirus (Covid-19) raised many questions during the confinement on working conditions at home . Not all companies have been equal when it comes to teleworking, whether in terms of equipment, availability or digital tools. Indeed, the adaptation of certain tasks to teleworking has been difficult for certain sectors of activity.

article on QWL week

This issue is still relevant today, while the world of work is returning to normal, optimizing an environment to guarantee absolute safety for everyone (hygiaphones, provision of masks and cleansing gel, etc.).

Along with the issue of the working environment, the crisis has put working conditions back at the center of questions. Yet the quality of life in the office has been a topic of concern for several decades. It was in the 1970s that interest in psychological health at work emerged, and with it research concerning the stress and burnout, or burnout.

In the concept of quality of life at work ( QVT ), we bring together concepts such as corporate culture, working conditions, equality or the right to make mistakes. But particular importance is attached to the feelings felt by the worker which can influence his quality of life at work. Among them: well-being, the feeling of involvement, empowerment or recognition of the work done.

The ANACT, the National Agency for the Improvement of Working Conditions, gives 6 key factors for the evaluation of the QVT :

It is the grouping of these criteria that makes it possible to assess QWL and to explain phenomena of stress or burnout.

The quality of life at work is therefore a concept of growing importance with a double objective: to promote both the development of the individual and also the performance of companies and organizations.

The SQVT2020

As every year for 17 years, the Anact / Aract network organizes the SQVT , the quality of life at work week . These few days aim to promote the initiatives of companies allowing to collectively improve the way of working and of course, the QWL.

The SQVT 2020 has been completely redesigned to address and share lessons learned from the crisis period. During these 3 days (from June 19 to 21, 2020), conferences and podcasts will deal with the following topics:


If you want to know more about the program, do not hesitate to consult website of the NAALC.

In Optimeo, we are aware of the importance of the quality of life at work and its benefits. We work to help you provide your employees with a better Health Framework in the office.

We innovate every day to improve comfort and ergonomics at work. Our credo? Create simple and effective solutions for a better QVT!
Our slogan ? Ergonomics, Economy and Ecology!

For example, we invented Opti-1 , the first ergonomic document holder made from recycled and recyclable cardboard.

Position and prevention of MSDs

Risk prevention is an important component of the QVT approach. With Opti-1, your employees will no longer suffer from musculoskeletal problems ( TMS ) due to improper head movements while entering documents on a computer.

The Opti-1 ergonomic document holder allows you to keep an upright posture in front of your computer while reading and typing a document. Thus, it reduces back, shoulder and neck pain, by limiting the alternation of gaze and regular movements from left to right. This makes it an ideal tool to improve comfort and position in front of your workplace .

The weight and handling Opti-1 also allow easy transport and adaptation to any type of office.

In summary, Opti-1 improves QWL by preventing neck, back and muscle pain, which can be real constraints for the employee.

Ergonomic equipment

Improving the working environment and the well-being of employees is an investment in the performance of a company. An employee is more productive if his working conditions are comfortable and ergonomic .

Ergonomic equipment is part of the quality of life at work approach because they undoubtedly improve the comfort of employees. In return, the optimization of the workstation and the development of ergonomic equipment allow employees to save time and productivity.

In summary, the QVT is a significant factor in the productivity of a company. By attaching importance to the working conditions of employees and their well-being, we promote their productivity and performance within the company. By offering Opti-1 to your employees, offer them an ergonomic and comfortable work tool, while showing them that their health is important to the company.