Stanislas DAUBIGNY tells us about the beginnings of Opti-1

“Ergonomist – Occupational psychologist for 13 years, I have long advocated for the use of ergonomic document holders in plexiglass or metal for people working with screens. Over the years, the document holder has indeed become an essential office furniture for a proper organization of the workspace.

Opti-1 at the Preventica Congress in Paris
Stanislas DAUBIGNY at the Optimeo booth at the Preventica Congress in Paris 2019

Very often set up for people with disabilities, specific budgets and other funds helping, I have frequently encountered the reluctance of employers to equip all employees with a prevention aid, because of the high costs that it represents. Yet the need is there, and clearly expressed by the employees and the occupational health professionals.

Wishing to bridge the divide between employees, and no longer make having a disability the reason to benefit from ergonomic equipment, I wanted to shake things up by providing a document holder that is accessible to all and easy to implement.

The idea of using cardboard came to me quite naturally while I was shopping!

Why not use this lightweight, durable, eco-friendly and printable material?

After many days (and nights!) spent thinking and testing prototypes, I finally found the design and folding for it on a beautiful Sunday evening in October!

Our first exhibition at the Marseille Congress of Occupational Medicine and Health in June 2018, got us all the votes! Opti-1 made its first appearance after the patent proceedings began. Opti-1 has been widely acclaimed.

Optimeo Preventica prize 2018

The innovation prize received a few months later at the Preventica Congress of Bordeaux has reached the goal of convincing the prevention specialists, users and buyers.

Opti-1 begins shipping internationally today! The simplest ideas are the ones that work best in prevention: challenge met by Opti-1, which continues to please its users.”

Stanislas DAUBIGNY