Teleworking during the health crisis: 5 tips to optimize your office

Telecommuting - 5 tips to optimize your office

Telecommuting: How to survive during the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic?

The telecommuting is the watchword, since March 16, and " until May 11 minimum ", for employees, when their job allows it, in order to limit the spread of covid-19 virus . In the current context, it is essential to arrange your workspace in its image to ensure comfort, serenity and productivity. Discover our 5 tips for a successful office layout at home.

The rise of homework

Since March 16 and following the speech by the President of the Republic, Emmanuel Macron, the French have been confined and invited to stay at home by adopting telework. Previously, teleworking was not widespread and reserved for certain employees or companies.

In 2019, 29% of French employees teleworked, according to a study by Malakoff Médéric Humanis . This practice, increasingly popular, mainly affects workers in the private sector (1/3 of employees), then freelancers and self-employed at 35%. Among teleworkers, 79% do their work from home. In this context, the layout of an office where you feel good is important in order to be able to work effectively.

Our 5 tips for successful home office planning

Confinement and telecommuting do not rhyme with staying in your pajamas all day, skipping breakfast and watching television during working hours. For limit the impact of this confinement on your work , it is essential to maintain your balance and your employee routine.

1. Keep your habits

Some tips to keep your habits while working from home:

  • Activate by taking a shower, dress and apply makeup (if you feel the need) as if you were walking to your office.
  • In teleworking as in the office, set yourself working hours . Telecommuting is not synonymous with vacation or hard work with extended days. Learn to disconnect and take breaks.
  • If you have children, make some rules for living in your home. Explain to your children or your spouse that you need time and quiet to telecommute.
teleworking organization

2. Teleworking: How to choose your work area?

Whether you choose to work from home, from a coworking space or in another professional space, it is essential to opt for a working environment pleasant and adapted to promote concentration and productivity. Who has never dreamed of being able to work from home? Organize your working time, better reconcile private and professional life , recover the time lost in public transport to advance on personal projects ...

In reality, to work at home can sometimes be difficult for some of us. Finding a quiet workspace, without being disturbed, is not always easy! The ideal being to be able to choose a dedicated room , which has the same equipment as a company office: desk, computer, storage cabinet, ergonomic chair with sufficient brightness to be effective without feeling discomfort or discomfort at the end of the day. For work in home office effectively, do not hesitate to test different work environments to choose the one in which you feel the most comfortable and the most productive!

3. Choose office furniture and accessories suitable for teleworking

At home or in coworking, the choice of furniture is particularly important so that the experience is positive. In coworking spaces, it is common to find several price formulas with a single chair or an ergonomic seat. When we work from home, we have more control over the choice of equipment. But it is still necessary to know which ones to opt for, the ideal being to avoid working all day on the sofa to avoid bad postures .

Even if you live in a small dwelling, installing a corner office is essential to be able to work comfortably. There must be sufficient space for light to circulate and to allow the installation of an office chair, adjustable in height and inclination, equipped with armrests for more comfort in the forearms.

4. Adjust the lighting

As layout of the workspace , exposure to natural light is also essential to avoid visual fatigue associated with lighting the computer screen if you use one to work.

We will therefore opt for a bright place , but not exposed to direct sunlight to avoid glare. Also check the presence of reflections on the screen depending on the orientation of the light.

Artificial lighting is also important to take into account after dark. To sufficiently illuminate the workstation, one or more table lamps adjustable in intensity and orientation will be preferred.

5. Decorate your space for a nice home office layout that suits you!

Decorate his office

Finally, investing in an office where you feel good is essential to want to spend the whole day there! Teleworking from home offers the possibility ofset up your office at home as desired, add plants, personal decorative elements ... Different solutions exist to make your workspace a pleasant cocoon and comfortable , even in small spaces: office partition, retractable work table, modular storage space, light garlands ... take the time to imagine your ideal office!

Finally, if you have document support Opti-1 at your desk: add it to your workspace to maintain your good ergonomic habits. Do not forget : stay home and especially : take care of yourself .

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