The Work Health Village 2020

It was September 24 on the forecourt of La Défense in Paris. An ephemeral village resembling a holiday camp, proudly erected its white capitals at the foot of the Grande Arche!
A beautiful setting to host the first event of its kind: the Work Health Village.

Optimeo was present

Optimeo was happy to be invited by CASI as a partner.
And what an event! No less than 500 visitors. People happy to participate in one of the only physical event to take place on the theme of occupational health. Indeed, the other events are unfortunately canceled or postponed due to the current health crisis.

The Health and Work village

Ciamt and ACMS, two Occupational Health Services (SST), have joined forces to organize this beautiful Village dedicated to Occupational Health.
The result? A prevention day in the heart of La Défense, open to everyone from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Doctors, nurses and occupational health prevention specialists were able to share their know-how and offer their expertise and advice.
Thus, many topics were addressed to best support employers and actors in the field at the start of the new school year:

To enhance it all, many activities, fun workshops, escape game and risk hunting were offered. The enthusiasm was palpable.

Optimeo was therefore a partner of the event! An experiment original, friendly and unique that should not be missed.
That's why we thank again Christine ROUX from ACMS, Defense Sector Manager, for his invitation and warm welcome. We also thank Vinh NGO , Director General of CIAMT for our constructive exchanges.

An organization signed ACMS & CIAMT

Working hand in hand, the teams of ACMS and CIAMT have merged to organize and offer this event.

A word about these two most important occupational health services in France


Established on 9 May 1945, CASM - Interprofessional Association of Medical Centers Health and Social %u - is a multi-health service work that occurs on the eight departments of Île-de-France. With its 1,200 employees, including 1,000 prevention specialists, ACMS monitors more than one million employees in 80,000 workplaces , of which three-quarters have fewer than ten employees. Most activities are represented: trade, business services, insurance, finance, real estate, social health, industry, nuclear, transport and logistics ...


Founded in 1953, the CIAMT, Center Inter-entreprises et Artisanal de santé au travail, is a non-profit association (1901 law) approved by the Ministry of Labor to carry out its mission in Paris and Ile de France. It is administered by the members of the Board of Directors made up of employer representatives and employee representatives of companies that are members of the service. Since its creation, Ciamt has continued to grow and now has 31 medical centers, spread over Paris and the Paris region, as well as 6 mobile centers. Today, more than 27,000 companies are members of Ciamt, which represents 352,000 employees followed by our 350 employees. A mark of trust that allows Ciamt to regularly extend its areas of expertise.

Optimeo, spearhead of accessible and responsible ergonomics

Defender of accessible and responsible ergonomics, Optimeo was naturally present on the Ergonomics stand of the Village.

Suffice to say that the showcase was beautiful for Optimeo which was able to exhibit its flagship product: Opti-1 .
This is the first ergonomic, ecological and economical document holder, designed to equip all computer workstations and prevent MSDs. Such a simple object, but so effective, Préventica innovation prize and already sold nearly 40,000 copies since its launch in 2018 at the CNMST in Marseille.

Opti-1 IGR and Preventica 2018

Optimeo also presented a preview of its latest innovation: Opti- Coach . This is the first e-coaching module that supports employees step by step in the ergonomic adjustment of their workstation. The interest of visitors was great.

The stakes of the ergonomics of workstations, but also and above all of their correct adjustment are great. Especially in a period when teleworking is intensifying and when we know that employees still do not know how to properly adjust their work materials.

This is how Optimeo also announced the upcoming arrival of two new products that we will unveil very soon.
Prevention needs innovation more than ever!
Optimeoʼs ambition? Provide everyone with accessible and responsible ergonomic solutions to improve working conditions on screens. Our key words? Ergonomics, economy and ecology.

The marked interest of OHS for Optimeo solutions

We were visited by several occupational health services in the Paris region, including the SESTIDF and the SISTVO .

It is true that the possibilities of using Optimeo's solutions offer new perspectives in terms of prevention and this arouses the interest of the entire profession.

Since its creation, Optimeo has worked in collaboration with numerous OHSs across France, such as AIST 21 which has already had Opti-1 document holders personalized in its image to offer them to its members. A good commitment from this SST in favor of prevention; members delighted with this approach and grateful for this concrete and useful preventive action.

We are continuing our efforts to innovate, design and offer new products that are ergonomic and accessible to all!
If these themes interest you, follow us !