What are the benefits of ergonomics for the company?

Improving the working conditions of employees, providing relaxation areas or even opting for ergonomic equipment are some of the solutions intended to promote a pleasant working environment for employees. Find out what are the benefits of ergonomics in a company, both for employees and also for the company itself.

Why attach importance to ergonomics in the company?

1. Improve the health and well-being of employees

In an economic context marked by a increasing length of working time spent in front of a computer (nearly 8 hours per day on average), being interested in ergonomics in your company allows in the short, medium and long term to improve the health and well-being of employees.

The screen work is indeed the generator of many physical pains such as musculoskeletal problems (MSD), back or cervical problems, as well as vision or hearing disorders.

The direct working environment characterized by the brightness, the temperature of the room or the layout of the offices also acts directly on the feeling of serenity and the level of stress experienced , as well as the type of management adopted by the company.

Healthy employees will be better able to produce a better quality work , since they will feel good in the company while benefiting from a pleasant and motivating environment, free from stress and tension . The ergonomics in business is all the more important since the employees themselves want their management team to take an interest in it. According to a study by Fellowes, 8 out of 10 French people say they have already suffered from pain related to an unsuitable workstation. Employees must find solutions themselves to improve their daily comfort, and this weighs on their morale and their level of motivation.

2. Strengthen the employer brand and competitiveness

Establish a pleasant and motivating working environment and improve the working conditions of employees at a direct impact on the perception of the company that the collaborators have.

By meeting their expectations, they thus feel better taken into account and valued, which allows them to both retain talent in the company but also attract new ones .

Corporate branding is thus reinforced, and its attractiveness increased tenfold. By carrying out simple actions such as reorganizing offices, setting up a relaxation area or purchasing ergonomic equipment, the company thus values its credibility , its consideration towards its collaborators and its commitments.

If the establishment of a motivating and pleasant working environment is more widespread in companies such as startups and business units, very small and medium-sized enterprises must really understand the interest of setting up the ergonomics in their company , all the more so in the current economic and health context.

Some companies have successfully implemented some improvements with a view to improving working conditions, but also to strengthen their brand image in this way.

The giant Amazon notably created biospheres within workspaces, thus relying on studies which show that a green work environment promotes creativity and well-being. Amazon's biospheres use both light, water and earth to improve the productivity of its employees and facilitate the emergence of new ideas . This action allowed Amazon to both improve the well-being of employees, but also to benefit from a profitable publicity stunt for the company since the biospheres set up in 2018 in Seattle are open to the public.

Another example of the implementation of an ergonomic approach that enhances the image of the company: People Doc .

Based in France, the company recently set up the clean desk method which is based on minimalism and its benefits on productivity and concentration. In workspaces, the emphasis is on providing minimal supplies: no unnecessary papers, archives or boxes.

People Doc wishes by this action at a time promote concentration and reduce sources of distraction, but also promote its ecological approach by demonstrating its commitment to reducing paper printing waste.

It also strengthens the company positioning , focused on digitization and the provision of an electronic safe for employees.

3. Increase employee engagement, the undeniable advantage of ergonomics in the workplace

Ergonomics implies a more pronounced commitment on the part of the company's employees. They come to work in an environment in which they enjoy themselves, in a good mood. Work is no longer considered a chore, and employees enjoy getting up in the morning since they feel good about the company.

Ergonomics in business being a broad concept grouping together many components (QVT but also definition of tasks and management), it makes it possible to respond in a global way to the needs and expectations of employees . If the company responds or sets out to implement new actions aimed at increasing their well-being and giving meaning to their tasks, then employees will be better able to be engaged towards the company.

For the company, this represents a significant return on investment , to both maximize the chances of achieving its business objectives but also to retain talent and attract others, thus facilitating the growth of the company.

Ergonomic approach: where to start?

Convinced of benefits of ergonomics for your business ? Make way for strategy and the implementation of concrete actions! Within the company, it is generally at direct manager that it is the responsibility to provide its employees with a more motivating work environment, facilitating concentration, productivity and well-being.

With regard to the law, article L.4121-1 of the Labor Code provides that it is the managers who must initiate preventive measures to fight against the risks generated by poor working conditions such as MSDs or stress for example.

At Optimeo, we are convinced of the benefits of implementing preventive ergonomics in companies. That is why we imagine and design ergonomic solutions adapted to work on screen to help your employees feel better on a daily basis and limit the onset of bodily pain. Do not hesitate to contact us if you want to know more!