Opti-1, the ergonomic document holder

Why use a document holder?

Its purpose is to place your documents between screen and keyboard making them available for consulting and/or filling in . This allows you to be well positioned facing your workstation, and to have a balanced and straight position.

According to INRS, when the employee works with paper documents, a document holder is useful. This should be placed at the right height and depth in order to minimize neck and eye strain: between the keyboard and the screen.

Why use the Opti-1 document holder?

Yes it is a document holder, but with real advantages: it is light, convenient, resistant and good for the environment . Your posture is straightened, your back is straight and you can browse your documents without rotating, nor straining your forearms and neck. You can also consult our ergonomic advices and our stretching tips, printed on the support!

Disadvantages of a workstation WITHOUT Opti-1?

The documents are poorly placed, on the side or in front of the keyboard, the screen is too low and the keyboard is not centered:

  • hyperflexions and/or cervical rotations... repeated hundreds of times a day
  • trapezius tension
  • heavy stress on neck, trapezius and back
  • forearm extension
  • back bending forward / lifted off the backrest
  • closed hips
  • significant postural imbalance

= Sources of body pain

Advantages of the workstation WITH Opti-1 Premium?

Monitor at the right height, keyboard placed 10/15 cm from the edge of the desk and documents positioned in front of you between the monitor and the keyboard:

  • no hyperflexions and/or cervical rotations
  • relaxed trapezoids
  • straight and balanced neck
  • forearms close to the body and relaxed
  • straight back
  • well placed hips
  • optimal postural rebalancing

= Significant reduction of body pain

Do you need a height adjustable document holder?

Our solution: Opti-1 Premium . It's a Opti-1 with an option: 2 extension tabs which allow you to better adjust this product to your workstation. This product therefore offers 3 choices of height. Your posture is straightened, your back is straight and you can also consult your documents without rotating, nor straining your forearms and neck.


L 495 xl 330 xh 100/130/150 (mm)

From 675 to 740 g

Recycled and recyclable cardboard

Anti-reflective, anti-dirt and anti-scratch


Customizable from 250 copies.

opyi-1 personnalisé

Opti-1 is also a customizable communication tool!

Always under the eyes of the user, Opti-1 has a large printable surface. It is an ideal means for your prevention messages or your communication campaigns. You can entirely customize it at your convenience. You can use Opti-1 to display for example a calendar, your directory, your messages, protocols or even photos. From 500 copies and only on quotation .