The ideal equipment to have when working from home

Before the pandemic, telework was rarely practiced in France. Since then, it has been strongly encouraged to curb the transmission of Covid-19. It is then necessary to set up a new organization to work from home. So what is the ideal equipment to have to telecommute serenely?

Why optimize your teleworking equipment?

The fact of not working in your company is already disrupting habits. If in addition, your teleworking equipment is not optimized, certain physical pains could appear, in particular TMS (musculoskeletal disorders), back pain or neck pain. Even if the temptation is great to telecommute on your sofa or in bed, over time this is really not the best solution, neither for your productivity, nor for your body!

Conversely, having a optimal working environment will help you to telecommute in good conditions, to limit stress and to make your day more pleasant.

INSERM recommendations for teleworking

1. Adjust the height of the screen

With these successive confinements, employees having the possibility of working from home have, for the most part, used their personal equipment, such as their laptop for example. The main problem with this kind of material is that the eye is focused much lower than on a fixed screen. This position can cause recurring neck pain.

To overcome this, it is recommended to install the computer instead. well in front of you, while enhancing it using a suitable tool or, failing that, a stack of books. Thus, the gaze is no longer oriented downwards, thus avoiding neck pain.

Another action that can cause neck pain results from placing your phone on your shoulder to have your hands free and type on the keyboard at the same time. It is strongly discouraged. Instead, prefer a Handsfree.

2. Adapt your posture

Back pain can sometimes be caused by organizing your office. For example, it is not recommended to move your elbows forward to access the keyboard, but to bring it closer, just like the mouse or the telephone.

Your chair should also be close to your office . And if it has armrests, do not hesitate to use it, it will also relieve your back.

3. Adjust lighting and acoustics

To telework well, place your office near a source of natural light if possible. This will thereby prevent visual fatigue, which can cause headaches, fatigue and stress.

Acoustics are also very important for concentration, concentration and creativity. Do not hesitate to invest in a noise canceling headphones or headphones adapted to isolate you from ambient noise as soon as you feel the need!

H2 - What equipment to adopt to telework well?

An ergonomic chair

An appropriate chair is strongly recommended for teleworking. The dining room chair or the kitchen stool are indeed not recommended, even for a few hours! This can only cause stiff necks, fatigue and headache after a while. To choose a good office chair, choose a height adjustable seat , a reclining backrest, a headrest and elbow rests.

The seat must arrive just above the knee. It is also advisable to sit well at the back of the chair, always having your feet firmly fixed to the ground.

The laptop stand

Depending on your size, the ergonomics of workstations may not be suitable for your sitting posture. The cervicals are the most affected and represent one of the most commonly encountered musculoskeletal disorders. Our neck is indeed too often strained downwards because of the position of the screen. Opt for a laptop riser will allow you to overcome this risk and to telecommute comfortably throughout the day!

Wireless mouse and keyboard

With a laptop, the interest of wireless mouse and keyboard quickly becomes evident. Prolonged use of the touchscreen keyboard can indeed generate strain on the hands and wrists.

Noise reduction headphones

If you are lucky enough to be in a quiet place, this material may not seem essential to you. For everyone else and if you have children for example, its need will be felt at one time or another, as the noise can seriously affect your concentration. Noise-canceling headphones give the opportunity to attenuate any extraneous sounds.

Optimeo solutions

opti-1 ergonomic position keyboard input

To help you telework in the most ergonomic way possible, Optimeo offers solutions tailored to your needs:

Opti-coach, to learn how to properly adjust your workstation

In the form of an e-coaching module, Opti Coach helps you to adjust your workstation optimally and individually. Of a period of 30 to 45 minutes , Opti Coach allows you to take stock of your equipment, learn about the best practices to adopt and benefit from personalized recommendations.

Opti-1, the ergonomic document holder

If you regularly work with paper documents, Opti-1 will change your life! This is a ergonomic document holder , which is placed between your screen and your keyboard to be able to consult your documents without changing your posture.

Lightweight, practical, resistant and easy to assemble, Opti-1 helps you keep your back straight and prevent cervical and forearm rotations for optimal comfort.

Opti-2, the 2-in-1 laptop riser

The latest in our range of ergonomic solutions, Opti-2 comes in the form of a laptop riser , but also a document holder . It helps you place your screen at the right height to limit neck strain and ensure optimal posture throughout the day.