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Social Manager, KPMG

"Every employee should use Opti-1"

Introduce yourself ? What is your role within your establishment?

I am a Social Management Manager within the Accounting Firm KPMG. I supervise a team of 30 people made up of payroll managers and lawyers.

How did you hear about Opti-1?

I am sensitive to the working conditions of my employees. At my request, our occupational medicine presented Opti-1 to us and advised us to use it as part of our prevention of occupational risks. I equipped each volunteer, almost the entire team actually wanted to use Opti-1.

In what context do you use Opti-1?

My team uses it daily in our activities. We frequently alternate between consulting customer documents and screen. Opti-1 therefore very indicated.

What are the benefits to you?

Opti-1 undeniably brings better ergonomics to workstations. The documents are consulted much more easily and we adopt a better posture. Tensions in the back and neck seem less present over time. The work plan is much better organized.

Would you recommend it?

I have already recommended Opti-1 to my professional entourage and my colleagues in Nantes had to order before containment. I think every employee should use Opti-1.

Did the Optimeo team live up to your expectations?

Yes quite. The team is very competent and responsive. I highly recommend.

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