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Occupational risk prevention manager, MSA Île-de-France

"I dreamed about it, Optiméo did it!"

Please, introduce yourself. What is your role within your establishment?

I am Philippe TRAN TAN HAI, responsible for the Prevention of occupational risks within the Occupational Health and Safety department of the Mutualité Sociale Agricole de l'Île-de-France. The MSAIF is the social protection organization for the agricultural world. Through its one-stop shop, it manages all social services (health, family, retirement, but also Health and Social Action and Health and Safety at Work. It is present throughout France through 35 regional or multi-departmental MSAs and a Central Fund.

How did you hear about Opti-1?

I discovered Optiméo during the Occupational Health Congress in Marseille. I dreamed about it, Optiméo did it! We have been recommending equivalent plexiglass or metal devices for many years, but much more expensive. Unfortunately, this was only acquired for the positions of disabled workers or those benefiting from an occupational health prescription.

In what context do you use Opti-1?

We promote the system to all our agricultural companies with a tertiary activity within the framework of our priority of prevention of MSDs or in support of QVT projects of these companies.

What are the benefits to you?

For us, it is a tool for dialogue and communication, the benefits of which are immediate at the workplace. It accompanies our interventions and makes it possible to leave a trace, to raise awareness about the layout of the workstation. For the company, it is an act of prevention but also of recognition among its employees.

Would you recommend it?

Opti-1 is used both by occupational physicians and nurses on occupational health visits and / or also by the team's prevention advisers during their interventions in the workplace.

Did the Optimeo team live up to your expectations?

Yes, it is a very attentive and professional team that listens to its customers.

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