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Ergonomist and disability referent, Simone Veil hospital center of Blois

"I thought the idea was great!"

Introduce yourself ? What is your role within your establishment?

Hello, I am Ludivine VERDOU, Ergonomist and disability referent from the Simone Veil Hospital Center in Blois.

How did you hear about Opti-2?

I got to know your products at a Préventica 2018 fair, it seems to me. I thought the idea was great, but at the time I was a consultant. Since I have been at the Blois Hospital Center, I have been able to offer this prevention equipment during the screen work awareness sessions organized in the establishment.

What I liked about this product is that it can benefit more people and do prevention.

In what context do you use Opti-2?

For all professionals working on the laptop, it is comfort at a lower cost.

Would you recommend it?

A big yes to communicate within our Groupement Hospitalier de Territoire

Did the Optimeo team live up to your expectations?

A big thank you to this dynamic team with great values.

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