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In charge of working conditions, Department of Eure

"“Once tested, you can’t do without it”"

Please, introduce yourself. What is your role in your company?

I am in charge of working conditions at the Eure Departmental Council. Particularly, my job is to take care of the workstations' layout.

How did you hear about Opti-1?

I came across OPTIMEO document holder while looking for solutions for an agent with a disability, a management assistant with neck problems tasked with computer data entry. Then, I met Mr. Daubigny at Préventica trade show in Paris. OPTIMEO provides great solutions for comfort at work, helping us to keep good and ergonomic positions, for example helping us to properly place the keyboard.

In what context do you use Opti-1?

We currently have 40 agents who use it, they’re mainly management assistants, secretaries and accountants. Once tested, you can't do without it. VDU work, and especially typing all day, causes neck and back tensions. The department wanted to equip all the agents concerned by this risk, in order to improve their working conditions.

What benefits do you get from it?

All the equipped agents really appreciate the stretching exercises proposed on the document holder and many of them ask me for a poster with the same tips and exercises printed on Opti-1 surface.

Would you recommend it?

Of course, it’s user-friendly and well-designed, I really recommend it.

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