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Communication Manager, AIST 21

"“Opti-1 is intended for employees and members.”"

Please, introduce yourself. What is your role in your company?

I am Communication Manager at AIST 21, Côte d'Or Occupational Health Service. We give support to nearly 12,000 employers, and their 126,000 employees, in the prevention of occupational risks field.

How did you hear about Opti-1?

We discovered Opti-1 at the Préventica trade show in Marseille. We fell in love with this solution immediately! We immediately saw the potential of Opti-1: not just a document holder but a smart communication tool!

In what context do you use Opti-1?

At AIST 21, we have chosen to personalize Opti-1 by printing on it the preventive measures on VDU work recommended by our ergonomists, usually distributed on paper brochures. We added some relaxation exercises to do in front of your monitor! The Optimeo team supported us in this customization.

Opti-1 is intended for employees and members. The document holder is provided by the occupational physician or ergonomist as part of a workstation layout or in addition to workstation adjustment recommendations.

What benefits do you get from it?

The first feedback is very positive. Employees and employers really appreciate that we are able to offer them a practical, useful solution with such an attractive design!

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