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Prevention advisor, Mairie d'Asnière-sur -Seine

"The installation of Opti-1 is also an opportunity to discuss with people about their working position"

Please, introduce yourself. What is your role within your establishment

I have been a prevention advisor for more than 15 years in the territorial public service.

How did you hear about Opti-1?

It seems to me that I heard about OPTI-1 through a newsletter that briefly introduced a new environmentally responsible product. Then I really got to know this product by talking to Stanislas Daubigny.

In what context do you use Opti-1?

As part of the development of workstations within the community. The objective is to improve ergonomics at work and the organization of the workstation. The installation of the opti-1 is also an opportunity to discuss with people about their working position and a way to give advice. Editing can also be a fun time, and people often dwell on the tips and exercises presented on the material.

What benefits do you get from it?

It is an object which is easily integrated into the workstation, and which is forgotten. It allows you to set up your workstation and facilitates document consultation. It improves the working position facing the screen. It is also a vector of communication:

  • because it attracts curiosity and deployment is facilitated
  • because it is the gateway to the layout of its workstation and facilitates discussion on prevention relating to screen work

Would you recommend it?

Absolutely and I have already done it!

Do you have any particular remarks, suggestions?

Would it be possible to have a little more information on the environmental criteria recycled and recyclable cardboard. To have information on the origin of the cardboard and if there are already examples of recovery. It also helps to support the arguments for development. A little color, even on the base model?

Did the Optimeo team live up to your expectations?

Excellent! attentive, efficient and without pressure. ("Only happiness")

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