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It is very easy to mount Opti-1. Some get there without looking at the manual and video yet available on our site!

Opti-1 is designed to last for several years under normal use. It is indeed made of a high quality double corrugated cardboard material resistant to 10 kg. Its matt lamination also ensures a first level of resistance to water splashes, coffee ...

Opti-1 is produced in Austria by a renowned and proven quality cardboard specialist.

Specialized in the prevention of risks associated with working on screens, the ergonomics firm Optimeo has developed and distributes Opti-1, an ergonomic, economical and eco-responsible document support, finally accessible to as many people as possible. As part of its consulting activities, Optimeo also offers action training as well as communication supports.
Soon, an e-coaching module ...

Opti-1, an efficient, affordable and eco-responsible ergonomic document holder.

Very affordable selling price Opti-1, allows collective equipment for primary prevention of MSDs and not no longer just corrective equipment on a case-by-case basis.Opti-1 is manufactured at from recycled and recyclable cardboard which makes it a product eco-responsible and very economical. Opti-1 is intended to equip the largest number. It makes more and more screen work an essential acclaimed, finally affordable equipment.Its innovative design based on a clever folding gives it great strength. Lightweight, Opti-1 is delivered flat and assembles in less than a minute.

Placed between the keyboard and the screen, Opti-1 allows documents to be positioned ergonomically when capture.
Opti-1 can effectively prevent MSDs (musculoskeletal disorders) and improves working comfort. He will quickly become your new friend at job.

Opti-1 is made from recycled and recyclable cardboard which makes it an eco-responsible and very economical product, intended to equip as many people as possible.

Its innovative design based on a clever folding (patent pending) also ensures a great solidity.

Lightweight, Opti-1 is delivered flat and can be goes up in less than a minute.

Opti-1 is also a brand new communication support on workstations. Printable, it is fully customizable (to display prevention messages in particular, or any other internal and external communication).

Placed between the keyboard and the screen, it allows paper documents to be positioned ergonomically in relation to the user, when typing on a computer. This correct positioning keeps the back and head straight when performing the activity, which improves comfort at work and aims to prevent MSDs (without support, documents are often placed on the left / right / or in front of the keyboard, causing rotations / flexions of the neck and back).

Opti-1 can be brought closer to the user by passing over the keyboard, to facilitate document annotation, always keeping the neck and head in the axis, without rotation.

Opti-1 facilitates the organization of the workstation and keeps the keyboard a good distance from the edge of the desk, freezing good ergonomics of the station (without support, the keyboard is often pushed back on the worktop more than 30 cm, l user bending over while typing).

Its very affordable selling price allows collective equipment for primary prevention of MSDs. While the current expensive models only fit a few stations, correcting individual situations (most often those of people with disabilities, for which a disability budget is available).

Opti-1 is aimed at all companies with a work activity on screen, with document entry in particular. From industry to the tertiary sector, including construction, Opti-1 finds its place wherever there is work on the computer.

Opti-1 is mainly acquired by companies wishing to improve the working conditions of their employees, internally.

However, more and more companies (mutuals, inter-company occupational health services, etc.) are acquiring Opti-1 to offer it to their members or customers. Indeed, personalized in their image, Opti-1 becomes a formidable external communication medium. Opti-1 or when a new office supply offers your customers ergonomics but also key messages and the reminder of important information about you ...

Opti-1 is designed to adapt to almost all workstation (standard dimensions of 80 cm deep).

The minimum order threshold is 5 copies. This gives you the standard version of Opti-1 (with advice on ergonomic workstation adjustments and stretching exercises).

The order threshold to be able to customize Opti-1 is 500 copies.

Yes, it is entirely possible to customize* Opti-1 to your colors, messages, logos... 

In addition to being ergonomic, Opti-1 is a true medium of communication both internal to your employees, and external to your customers or members. 

Two options are available to you after confirming your order: 

  • Your department of communication customizes the template of Opti-1 we provide you with. 
  • You send us your graphic elements and Optimeo’s communication department presents you with a graphic design proposal. 

Your approval of the Ready for press sample initiates the production of your order. 

Customization possible from 500 units on. 

The two means of payment on the online store are paying with a Credit or Debit Card or a Wire transfer.

Upon reception of your payment, we prepare your order and ship it as soon as possible.

Opti-1 is for everyone working with a desktop computer. 

All private companies and public institutions are therefore concerned: 

  • Those that involve on-screen work activity, including document input.
  • Those who want to effectively improve the working conditions of the employees and prevent occupational risks (MSDs: musculoskeletal disorders).

Opti-1 was designed by Stanislas DAUBIGNY, Ergonomist – Occupational psychologist with over 13 years of experience in the prevention of risks related to working with screens. A thorough understanding of the problems faced by people working with screens, and the proper knowledge of the ergonomic equipment that exists on the market, allowed him to identify a real need and a high expectation/demand poorly met so far. Hence the creation of Opti-1. 

Opti-1 is an innovative product that meets today's expectations: 

  • Eco-responsibility 
  • Improvement of the quality of life at work 
  • Low cost 
  • Make widely accessible an essential item for working with screens 
  • New communication medium
  • Easy DIY assembly 
  • Printed reminder of ergonomic adjustments and stretching exercises in the workplace